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My Story...I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer in January 2007 with a P.S.A. score of 14 which drew a RED FLAG right away. That score was extremely high for a man over 50 years of age. I cringed of course however; there it was I HAD CANCER. During that time, I was all alone in Northern California with none of my real friends or family around. At first, I did not know what to do, then I prayed on it and within about five minutes, all of my thoughts were getting busy. Go to work on it fight, fight, fight and that is what I did. I called my doctor the next day to ask what I could do. How do I fight this thing? The doctor said, “Please come in and talk to me”. I did what I was told and the doctor gave me options. I chose RADIATION as a treatment and had 42 treatments in 2007.  

I am CELEBRATING TEN YEARS of being CANCER FREE IN 2017 AND I THANK GOD FOR ALL MY HEALING!!!!. This is my testimony to all men-You have choices, You are NOT alone, exercise your right to live, thrive and have more birthdays with your family.

Freddie Muse Jr.
The Men's Cancer Network Inc.

Hi Freddie,
I wanted to let you know that I have visited The Men's Cancer Network website and I think it is great. It is informative and a good resource for men and women with cancer. The calendar of events and insights and resources is invaluable to cancer patients and their caregivers and family members

I hope you will pass on this information to your members.
I look forward to working with you.
Rosalyn Morrell, M.D.

Hello to Supporters of The Men's Cancer Network! 

Being a member of the Men's Cancer Network has been very rewarding. Updates on prostate and other cancer treatment and research have been presented at our 4th Saturday meetings. As a Prostate Cancer Survivor and Prostate Cancer Advocate, receiving the latest information about treatment and research is greatly appreciated.
During the convalescent period after my prostate cancer surgery, the Men's Cancer Network visited and prayed for me and brought any requested food and other items to my residence. In addition, they initiated a special recognition at my church for me and a lung cancer survivor.

Odell Register
Educator/Prostate Cancer Advocate

Your organization is a cause for a celebration of life! The very core of assisting the underserved allows people the opportunity to have hope. I am grateful for "The Men's Cancer Network" specifically that you; Freddie are a powerful testimony to others suffering and yet finding faith. May God bless you on your journey to making a difference for families in our community and providing resources to thrive.

Priscilla Brown
Owner, Planting Seeds for Success

Your web site is beautiful. So proud of you.

Nettie Almada MA, LMFT Healing for the Soul Counseling Services

The Men's Cancer Network organization represents simply in one word, PREVENTION! My wife and I being advocates in this field, found this organization to be a perfect fit for our clients.Phillip & Marina Frazier / Green Consultantswww.melaleuca.info323-633-7103 

To the Men’s Cancer Network it is with great pleasure to have a place where the men can come together and help one another with the education about cancer, This program will help to save so many lives and help research to find a cure for cancer, Truly.

Mr. Eddie Jones, President
Los Angel-es Civil Rights Association
5786 Rodeo Road Suite 264
Los Angeles, California 90008
(818) 268-9002

I was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer on October 17, 2010.  I went through ten sessions of radiation and six treatments of chemotherapy. The doctors told me that they believed that I should undergo two more treatments.  I decided not to go with the treatments based on my faith in God.  By the grace of God I was in remission when the doctors looked at my CT scan.  In April 2011 I took my last chemo- treatment. My belief and faith in God has carried me this far along with The Men’s Cancer Network, and my family. The Men’s Cancer Network gave me the insight and knowledge of how to cope with the changes in my body and to prepare me for this battle.  My wife and I owe a great deal of gratitude to The Men of F.A.M.E.  and The Men’s Cancer Network operated by Freddie Muse Jr.  for being with us every step of the way. We are grateful that The Men’s Cancer Network is still supporting this tedious journey both me and my wife are moving through today in 2011.

Percy Wilder, Cancer Survivor 

I am the wife of Percy Wilder, survivor of stage four lung cancer. It is a struggle to embrace the news that the man you love has lung cancer.  After digesting the news I wanted to obtain more information so that I could nurture my husband and be there through each part of the fight as we stand up to cancer. At first I did not understand what was happening until I sat down with Freddie Muse Jr. with The Men’s Cancer Network. Freddie took time to pray with me and he broke down what my husband was experiencing while going through the stages of lungcancer. Today, I am able to cope with the many situations that people encounter while being a caretaker and especially a wife during every day challenging situations. The Men’s Cancer Network is a source that is still thriving and inspiring me and my husband through this journey in 2011.

Corliss Wilder, Wife/Caretaker of Percy Wilder, Cancer Survivor


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